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  In the past,most of designer use EMI gasket for EMI solution and grounding function,now Alink develop SMT

  finger instead of traditional metal finger and EMI gasket,not only its tiny size but its automatic SMT process

  will let production quickly and smoothly.

  The dimension of SMT finger is more flexible for engineer design and it is certainly satisfied to all of our client

  product,especially who need thin and light weight requirement.

  Most of SMT finger has Au electroplated outside and Ni electroplated inner which has ability of standing bad

  circumstance like high humidity and temperature.

 Electroplated (outside)

 - Au electroplated

 - Tin electroplated

 - Customer assigned

 Benefits :

 Au plated (outside) :

 - can resist bad circumstance and good electric conductivity.

 Tin plated (outside) :

 - good solidarity,but easy to oxidize in air ,especially in high humidity.

 Electroplated (inner)

 - Ni electroplated

 Benefits :

 Ni plated (inner) :

 - withstand high humidity and protect from oxidization

 - good adhesion force between electroplated layer.

 -  withstand high friction.

 Raw material

 - Beryllium Copper

 - Stainless Steel

 - TiCu

 - Phosphor Bronze

 - customer assigned

 Benefits :

 beryllium copper is the most popular material in many circumstance :

 - good thermal conductivity

 - good electric conductivity

 - easy forming





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