Most of metal parts made by stamping process,it really speed up production,but will increase cost of raw material

  and tooling,especially the bending direction is vertical to the rolling direction ( it means in transverse bending direction)

  ,in general,it will serious decrease the lifecycle of metal finger and let finger easy to deform.

  Alink not only have many stamping technology experience,but we also developed a spring forming which will let

  the tooling developing time more quickly ( it will take less 2 weeks than stamping process ) and more shorter

  cheaper than stamping.

  So far,we are not satisfied to produce dip type metal finger but we also develop SMT type metal finger for more tiny

  and light weight electrical product,in that,precision stamping parts ,SMT fastener,fingerstrip,shielding can is gradually

  being our hot product especially in high speed blooming market.


  1997 develop spring forming technology

  1999 SMT finger product mass production smoothly

  2003 SMT fastener & SMT standoff product mass production

  2004 EMI shielding can mass production

  2005 over 100 different type of SMT finger has been Alink standard parts

  2006 Alink start to develop Inserts for plastics
  2008 Alink
create new business with Apple qualified vendor in SMT Finger product.


  So far,our product has been extensively applicated by many field like Computer,Communication,Consumer electronics

  and we still put our effort on developing new technology and application to give our client a best choice and service.  




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