Test ability :

 - Compression

 - Resistence

 - Lifecycle

 - Dimension

 - Electroplated

 - Surface clean
 Design ability :
 - Cad Design
 - Simulation

Design tool

      - Prototyping

      - Autocad

      - Pro-e


Measurement equipment

      - Video measurement system

      - Electronic microscope

      - Vernier Calipers

      - Projector


Test equipment

      - Compression ratio tester

      - Resistence ratio tester

      - Finger lifecycle tester

      - twist power tester

      - Milliohm meter

      - Pulling test

Software simulation
      - Finite Element Analysis

Auto Compression tester for compression ratio and lifecycle test

Handle Compression tester for compression ration and resistance test

Electronic Scope for
surface and electroplated inspection

Microscope for surface and electroplated inspection

2D Projector for initial prototyping and FAI inspection

Video Inspection System for precision and Cpk inspection


*****  We have test and measuring ability of product function and specification  ***** 




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